Excluding Branded Keywords – Semalt Tips

Branded keywords are some of the most useful elements applied to a website to facilitate visibility through increased website traffic searching for information related to the designated words regarding products offered. After the attainment of the intended purpose to attract more traffic, the next step is to capture as many web users as possible. The branded keywords may overcrowd the site to confuse web analysis on who needs the products of the company without using the keywords formulated. This calls for reduction or total clearance of the keywords to see what words the people search.

There are various methods used to remove keywords that appear like spam. Most of them are tedious and very demanding. Julia Vashneva, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, states that Regular Expressions is one of the most efficient ways to facilitate the function.

Regular Expressions

A regular expression is one of the characteristics used to bring logic in a statement to filter items that look similar into separate groups. Logic statements such as AND/OR utilized in a filtering mechanism when an item with feature A and feature B behave in a certain manner or passes to certain criteria instead of one that features A or B. A particular result cannot happen unless the critical conditions are met or match the preconditions.

Excluding Branded Keywords Using Regular Expressions

Go to the advanced search bar on the keywords screen, particularly on the Organic page of the Traffic Source Search to exclude branded keywords. For instance, you can eliminate the company name, OKI from the keywords.

  • Click on the ADVANCE;
  • Go to "EXCLUDE";
  • Make the variable to be a "Keyword";
  • Select either "Exactly matching" or "Containing" according to the familiarity of the keyword;
  • Enter the name "OKI" and Click "Apply";

Make sure to exclude the related misspellings from the system by using the following steps since users may misspell OKI during searching.

  • Go to advanced.
  • Select "Exclude."
  • Choose the variable "Keyword".
  • Choose "Matching RegExp" the Matching Regular Expressions applicable.
  • Type all misspellings into the search bar, while separating them using pipe/vertical bar symbol (|). Make no spaces before or after each keyword entered.

The used steps can be used to clean the branded keywords database to ensure that the searching is clean and non-misguiding.

A clean register of branded keywords magnifies the identification of words that are non-branded keywords that drive a significant portion of the traffic. The established keywords can be included in the system or assisted to achieve a better search and find mechanism. The clear picture created by the one touch exclusion of the branded keywords ensures an appropriate integration of the SEO system on a website to generate more website visitors.

This method is easier than removing referral spam on the google analytics. Google analytics have settings to remove referral spam or any spam registering wrong information on the Google analytics console. Unlike referral spam or any other spam on the Google analytic, branded keywords can be excluded with a single click.